Transportation Team

The Transport Team is responsible for transporting inmates, serving warrants, and assisting the security staff at the Veterans Memorial Court, Mason Circuit Court, and area hospitals. Staff includes one sergeant and six deputies.


Deputies are responsible for delivery of Ingham County Correctional Facility inmates to:

  • Five Circuit Courts
  • Four Probate Courts
  • Nine District Courts
  • Michigan Department of Corrections

Other duties include warrant and writ pick ups throughout Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois, transporting inmates for forensic hearings and evaluations, and medical transports. 


The transport vehicles are outfitted with prisoner control cell units to increase the security and safety of inmates being transported to and from facilities. These units have compartment dividers to keep male, female, and juvenile inmates from access to each other while in transit to outside facilities of the Sheriff's Office. These units additionally create a safer working atmosphere for officers in transporting inmates.

One of the Transport Team Officers is responsible for contacting and/or physically arresting individuals wanted on 55th District Court warrants as well as processing recalled warrants.  This officer also processes felony non-support warrants for non-payment of child support out of 54-A District Court.