The Preseason

What is it?  hustle

The Preseason is a mail correspondence curriculum.  The program helps reduce crime, violence and recidivism through this evidence-based correspondence program that equip incarcerated people with the tools to transform their lives by changing their thoughts and behaviors.  The curriculum will help the inmates discover skill sets they did not know they possessed.
The program was developed by experts with decades of experience designing rehabilitation programs for people with criminal histories, and H2.0’s Homies – a team of incarcerated co-authors and artists from the Pelican Bay Prison in California.

The Preseason is a 348-page, softcover Hustle Guide with 12 evidence-based crash courses – each packed with self-assessments, journal exercises, case studies, testimonials, and success stories.  Once the 12 crash courses are complete, they take a final exam that is mailed to Hustle 2.0 for grading.  Those who pass earn a certificate.

What can you do? 
The Jail Education Department will be purchasing books for inmates who fill out an application, but if you have an inmate you would like to sponsor or if you would like to purchase a scholarship for any inmate please use the link below.

Contribute to the Scholarship Fund - $50.00 plus shipping

Give Hustle 2.0 – The Preseason by contributing to the Scholarship Fund.   You can also browse through the handwritten applications of inmates you can sponsor.  Click this link for more information!

Help end the cycle of poverty and crime in our community by giving a second chance education to worthy people who won’t otherwise get it!

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