Investigations Team


The Investigations Team is committed to and strives for the highest standards in crime solving, criminal apprehension, and the successful prosecution of those who violate the criminal statutes of the State of Michigan. The team begins with a rigorous selection process for each Detective looking for this assignment. Each Detective selected has been through a demanding testing and interview process. Once selected, each Detective is sent to specialty training depending on the needs of the team. This may include Homicide, Sexual Assault, Arson, Fraud, Human Trafficking, and Property Crime investigations training to name a few.

The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office encourages teamwork and cooperation amongst its own specialized teamts, as well as with surrounding Law Enforcement Agencies. The Investigations Team works with every Law Enforcement Agency in Ingham County as well as the FBI, DEA, US Marshal Service, and the Michigan State Police. This cooperation has led to innovative Investigative techniques, Intelligence sharing and enhanced resource availability.

The team currently has 1 Detective Sergeant and 8 Detectives. 2 of the Detectives are assigned to the Delhi Township Office and 1 is assigned to the MSP First District Fugitive Team. In addition to the Detectives, one deputy is assigned to the Tri-County Metro Narcotics Squad and report to the Detective Sergeant of the Investigations Division.

The Investigations Team is composed individuals dedicated to the safety and well being of all residents of Ingham County. It is our goal to hold those accountable that violate the laws of the State of Michigan through the due process of the law.

For more information contact Sgt Chauncey Shattuck at 517-676-8251