Found Property

The following property can be claimed by
contacting the ICSO Quartermaster at

You must have proof of ownership.


Model Number

Serial Number


Fix It 18V Cordless Drill   Gray
Black and Decker 24V Cordless Drill   Orange
Irwin Quick Grip   Blue
  Work Lamp   Yellow
Fix It Tool Box   Black
  Latch Box   Silver
Massani Handbag   Black
Anscoflex II Camera in brown box C442021505  
Black and Decker Skill Saw   Gray
Die hard 19.2 volt battery    
Dabdland  2500LB Winch    
Stanley Vacum  1332014 Silver
huskey Bag of Misc tools   Red/black
huskey Bag of Misc tools   Red/black
Dell Lap top    Black
haier  22 inch tv   black
huskey Bag of Misc tools   Red/black
JobSmart halogen work light   Yellow
Do It Best bucket of tools    
  Milk crate of Misc Tools   Black
Dewalt Bag of Misc tools   Black / Yellow
  Tote with Misc car audio parts   Gray
  Socket set in case   Black
  Tool box with Mics tools   Black and Red
Tuffbox Tools box with Misc tools    
  Crate with straps and Misc tools   Black
Dremel Dremel tool in case   Black
  Power washer   Red
Stihl  MS180C  Removed  
Coleman Grill   Black
Lousiville 16 ft ladder   Silver
  Assorted bolt cutters   Red
Husqarna  Chop saw 6430189 Multi
Homelite hand held blower HK1230819 Multi
  Metal detector   Black

Husqavarna chain saw

Dewalt saw 

Bostich nailgun

Assorted bag of tools x 6

Craftsman drill

Porter cable sander

Hatachi drill

Porter cable air stapler

Propane tank

If it is not claimed by May 4, 2020 it will be destroyed.