Corrections Medical Department

Located within the Ingham County Correctional Facility, the staff of the Ingham County Health Department’s Jail Medical Division provides health care to the inmate population seven days per week. Following the Health Department’s core values of Servant Leadership, Accountability, Respect for Others, Continuous Mutual Learning and Health Equity, staff strives to ensure that quality healthcare is delivered and maintained to every inmate who receives medical services.

Jail lobby

Health concerns of both a chronic and acute nature are addressed during an individual’s incarceration. The Medical Department works to coordinate already-established healthcare plans with an inmate’s community healthcare providers and as well as to initiate treatment plans for those whose needs become evident while housed in the facility.

Jail Medical staffing includes Nurse Practitioners contracted with Michigan State University’s College of Nursing, dental service providers, Registered Nurses, a Licensed Practical Nurse, Medical Assistants, as well as a team of Medication Associates.