Corr. Assessment and Treatment

The Correctional Assessment and Treatment Services (CATS) Program, one component of the Clinton-Eaton-Ingham Counties Community Mental Health Board, has provided substance abuse and mental health services to the inmates of the Ingham County Jail for more than a quarter of a century.


As there is a causal link between substance use and criminal activity, the program’s overall goal is to prepare inmates to maintain a drug-free lifestyle upon their release from jail. By receiving individual therapy, group edutherapy, and being referred to appropriate community resources, a high percentage of clients function at a higher level than before their admission to CATS.

This program also provides Emergency Service coverage at the jail. This involves crisis intervention, screening for suicide risk, and making recommendations for appropriate mental health and psychiatric follow-up.

The CATS Program has long enjoyed a close working relationship with the many components of the criminal justice system, as well as numerous social and mental health agencies which can benefit the treatment population.

If you have any mental health concerns about an inmate at the Ingham County Jail please contact the CATS office at (517) 676-8344.