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SALARY: $37,897.16 -$59,653.99

Ingham County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Deputy performs a full range of assignments, as part of a highly motivated, team-oriented group of corrections professionals. This is a rewarding opportunity for individuals interested in a career in the criminal justice field.  The Ingham County Jail currently houses nearly 450 inmates in both direct and indirect supervision housing units. While assigned to a housing unit, officers are solely responsible for the general supervision, safety and custody of up to 80 inmates in the Ingham County Jail. Duties include observing inmate activities to detect unusual or prohibited behavior; monitoring the distribution of medication; conducting inmate counts; responding to calls for assistance; and preparing written incident reports. Individuals will conduct searches of inmates and cells, and supervise inmate workers, recreational activities, visitations and contribute directly to inmate rehabilitation.  Corrections Officers must be able to work independently, and use sound judgment in stressful situations.  Our jail is a seven (7) day per week, twenty-four (24) hour per day operation.  Work schedules will include nights, weekends, holidays, planned and unplanned overtime and shift durations of 12.25 hours.





SALARY: $39,229.80 - $61,753.64

Sheriff Deputies are assigned to the Field Services Division of the Ingham County Sheriff Office. Their functions involve the primary contact that the public has with the Ingham County Sheriff Office and as such, it is important that Deputies remember the ir actions will come under public scrutiny. The primary function of the Sheriff Deputy is to insure the health, safety, and well-being of the public.

Deputies will be responsible for responding to requests for service from the public as well as basic patrol duties. Deputies will handle a wide variety of complaints and incidents. These will include responding to accidents, criminal investigations, and traffic enforcement. Deputies also will be called on to handle situations not directly involving citizen complaints, such as prisoner transport, court security, hospital guard, etc.
Sheriff Deputies are assigned to a shift and fall under the command structure of the Field Services Division. Sheriff Deputies are expected to perform any and all duties assigned to them by superior officers.