Ingham County Sheriff
Scott Wriggelsworth
(517) 676-2431


     The Sheriff's Training Unit is part of the Staff Services Division and consists of one supervisor and two training coordinators.  The Training Team provides approximately 2,000 hours of training per year. Regional training is planned and coordinated for all capital area law enforcement agencies and includes firearms, active violence incident response, C.P.R./First Aid, mobile field force, alcohol enforcement,  defensive tactics and legal updates. These topics represent only a portion  of the training conducted and presented by the Sheriff's Training Team.

     One of the major accomplishments of the Training Team is a regional pursuit driving program that is conducted at the Michigan International Speedway.  This training provides instruction in operating emergency vehicles at high speeds with proper driving techniques in various emergency situations and focuses on improving  judgment skills associated with emergency driving.

     The Training Unit operates on an annual budget of approximately $14,000 and is supplemented by state and other training grants in the neighborhood of $100,000.