Ingham County Sheriff
Scott Wriggelsworth
(517) 676-2431

Marine Division's Boat
Marine Unit
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The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office maintains a seasonal Marine Unit, which consists of eight full-time sworn officers who patrol the rivers and lakes of the county from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The Marine unit also works closely with the Capital Area Dive Team in search and rescue and recovery of evidence and bodies. Deputies are assigned to investigate complaints and accidents which occur on the waterways of Ingham County.

As part of their duties and members of the Marine Unit assist with Boater's Safety Education Program certification courses for all applicants ages 12 and up. The online course is set up by the Department of Natural Resources and members of the unit can proctor the final exam. For more information regarding the Boater's Safety Education Program, please contact Sergeant Daniel Sump at (517) 676-8272.