Ingham County Sheriff
Scott Wriggelsworth
(517) 676-2431

Receiving Center
Ingham County Sheriff's Inmate Receiving Center
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The Ingham County Correctional Facility has an inmate intake center that consists of twenty-five holding cells for inmates. The Receiving area of the Correctional Facility has a large garage for incoming transport vans and other police vehicles. There is also a shakedown area in the garage for incoming inmates who are on commitment, on work release, or freshly arrested.

The Ingham County Correctional Facility is supervised by three Lieutenants and six Sergeants. All Lieutenants and Sergeants are responsible for supervising the Receiving area during their shifts. The staff assigned to Receiving include four classification officers and fourteen receiving officers. The Receiving area is also responsible for monitoring the Work Release Program. Inmates who are granted work release are charged $43.75 per day for room and board. The payment of the room and board and all issues related to work release are monitored by a Lieutenant.